Featured Speakers

Buzz Aldrin

Apollo 11 Astronaut

Dr. Shawna Pandya

Physician, Scientist, & Aquanaut

Steve Jurvetson

Venture Capitalist & Space Futurist

Dr. Sara Seager

Astrophysicist & Planetary Scientist

Karlton Johnson

Chairman, National Space Society Board of Governors

Dr. Sian Proctor

Explorer, Analog Astronaut, & GeoScientist

Geoffrey Notkin

President of the National Space Society, TV Host, & Film Producer

Dr. Alan Stern

Planetary Scientist & Space Program Executive

Rob Manning

Chief Engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)

Bruce Pittman

Senior Vice President and Senior Operating Officer of the National Space Society

Rod Pyle

Author, Journalist, Filmmaker

Dr. Anthony Paustian

Author, Educator, Creator of Celebrate Innovation Live! (ciLive!)